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Seniors Assessment


75 Years & over in New South Wales

Once you reach 75 years of age in NSW, you are required to have a medical examination each year to retain your licence. Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) will send you a form approximately eight weeks before your birthday for your doctor to complete. If your doctor considers you medically fit to drive or wants to refer you to another doctor or for a driving assessment, they will send the completed form directly to RMS and you will be notified about the outcome shortly after.

85 years & older

From the age of 85 years old, in addition to the annual medical examination, you are required to pass an annual practical driving assessment every second year (age 85, 87, 89 etc) to retain your unrestricted driver licence. If you no longer require an unrestricted driver licence you can opt for a modified licence without the need for a practical driving assessment.

What is an unrestricted driver’s licence?

To retain your existing licence requires you to pass a practical driving assessment.

What is a “modified” Licence?

A modified licence is a driver licence that allows you to drive in your local area where you’re familiar with the traffic conditions. Modified licence options are based on the individual’s personal driving needs and will be negotiated with the local registry manager based.

If you’re driving needs change, after the completion of a driving assessment your licence can convert back to an unrestricted licence at any time.

How do I complete a driving assessment?

There are 2 ways you can complete your driving assessment:

  • A driving assessment from your home can be conducted by a licensed driving instructor accredited by RMS, or
  • A driving test from an RMS testing centre, conducted by an RMS testing officer.

What is the difference between a driving assessment and a driving test?

  • A driving assessment can be completed from home at your own convenience. The assessment is similar to a driving test but carried out by a driving school that have completed their accreditation from RMS. An older driver can have as many assessments as they like on the provision they do not perform a “Serious Fail” based on the RMS standards and they must pass an assessment before their 85th birthday.This process is repeated every two years following, therefore 87, 89+, to keep their unrestricted licence.This option is on a 'fee for service' basis.
  • A driving test is carried out by Roads and Maritime Services at local motor registries. Older drivers have a maximum of three attempts to pass their driving test before their 85th birthday, and then every two years thereafter.This option is free of charge.

Why use Pinnacle Driving School

Pinnacle Driving School guarantees a safe and friendly environment that understands that driving is more than just a licence, it is your independence. Our driving instructors are very friendly and highly experienced which will guarantee that your driving experience is the best you have ever had. We offer flexible scheduling so that even if you don’t have a lot of time you can still complete your assessment at a time that suits you, Monday to Saturday from 7am to 7pm & we provide a pick up and drop off service so you don’t have to worry about being able to get to your assessment on time or you can even use your own car, our instructors will come to you.

90 minute Refresher & Assessment
Need to brush up on your road rules and want to feel relaxed before your assessment? $120.00 Buy now
1 hour Driving Refresher
Design to provide you with a refresher course to refresh on the latest road rules. $80.00 Buy now
1 hour Driving Assessment
Practical on road drive that has set requirements set out by RMS. $85.00 Buy now

For further information please visit Transport – Roads & Maritime Services

Using your own car

If you are comfortable and feel better prepared in your own car? With Pinnacle you are able to complete the assessment in your own car. However your car must be roadworthy, registered and ready to drive. The accredited instructor will check to make sure that your vehicle meets the required safety standard. If the car is unsuitable for testing, termination of your lesson will occur.

For further information please refer to A guide to older driver licensing or contact the office on 02 6242 8687.

ACT Seniors Drivers

People 75 years and older and live in the ACT, are required to submit a medical examination form. This Form needs to be completed annually by your own GP.

For further information please visit Canberra Connect or contact them on 13 22 81