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Government Test Lessons

Government test training

Make sure you’re ready to pass, thanks to our expert instructors. We train people of all skill levels, whether you’re a first-time driver, or you’ve had lessons at home already. Your instructor will assess exactly where you can improve, and work through those areas with you.

You’ll learn the skills you need for the rest, all in a low-stress, professional environment.

Don’t have a car ? Hire ours

To sit the test, you’ll need a roadworthy car. This includes being:

  • Mechanically sound
  • Clean
  • Registered and
  • Tyres having a minimum of 1.5 tread depth

If you don’t have access to a roadworthy car, hire one of our cars, which is guaranteed roadworthy in ACT and New South Wales.

For more information please Contact us.

About the ACT Test

You’ll complete the test at an ACT Government Motor Registry by a Licensed examiner. The Government recommends that you have at least 50 hours of practice before you sit the test.

For more information or to book a driving test phone 13 22 81 or visit the ACT Rego site

About the NSW Test

The test is completed at a NSW Government Registry by a licensed examiner. You must have logged 120 hours of driving before sitting your test.

For more information or book a driving test phone 13 22 13 or visit myTests.