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Au Pair Driver Training

Need to equip your Au Pair with essential skills, want to ensure your family is safe on the road....

Driving lessons are something that you should consider in addition to having your Au Pair go out driving with one or more host parents.

Many families need their Au Pair to drive the car for school runs or sports activities. Driving on the left hand side of the road can cause a great challenge for some. We take for granted that to do a left hand turn we follow the kerb. For those that drive on the other side of the road (right hand side), this may cause confusion especially when entering a main road from the side street. We have found that students that are used to driving on the right hand side want to turn into the wrong position on the wrong side of the road.

So to help you and your relationship with your Au Pair, Pinnacle Driving School are here to help you!

At Pinnacle Driving School we have designed a 2 hour package that will allow us to work with you and your Au Pair to familiarise them with your local area, regular routes taken to and from home/activities. At the same time we can assess their driving skills, and most importantly ensure their correct road position and safety while driving around with your children.

After the 1st hour, our instructors are also happy to discuss the possibility of completing the second hour in your car, especially if you have an automatic car.

After the 2nd hour, our Pinnacle instructor will provide a report identifying our findings and giving further recommendations, if we have any.

Au Pair package = $170.00

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