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Pinnacle’s certified, experienced driving instructors teach all our clients how to be a safe and responsible driver!

Competency based Training & Assessment

Get your ACT licence without the stress of a test. Stay with the one instructor from your first lesson to getting your license. We work through every competency you need to be a safe driver, from ignition to parking.

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Government test training

Take the stress out of learning with family. Our instructors know the road rules for driving in Canberra and Queanbeyan and have the experience to help you learn at a pace and approach that gets you there faster.

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Refresher training

Haven’t driven in a while and feeling a bit unsure? We’ll get you back up to speed. We know all the latest road regulations and changed traffic conditions. Just as importantly, our friendly approach will give you new confidence in your driving skills.

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Training Courses

A perfect way to gain credit towards your required hours, develop safer driving behaviours or obtain your ACT Learner Licence.


Gift vouchers

When someone has too much stuff, give them the gift of freedom instead. Choose how many lessons to give. They get to choose when to take the lessons, so you know this is one gift they’ll actually use.

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