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Getting Your ACT L's

ACT Learners Licenceroadyready

To obtain your ACT learns licence you must:

  • Be a minimum age of 15 years and nine months
  • be a resident of the ACT
  • have completed the Road Ready Course

Item Price

Knowledge Test

Refer to the Road Ready information below

Road Ready Course

$160 (includes 4 attempts at the knowledge test)

Bookings - 02 6162 5152 (north) / 02 6282 8990 (south)

Many high schools run the course as part of their curriculum

Learner licence & Learner Pack


To obtain your licence you are required to complete a knowledge test and eyesight test.The Knowledge Test will assess your understanding of ACT road rules and licence requirements. The Road Rules Handbook, available online or at a Road Ready centre. You do not need to book beforehand to sit the Knowledge Test, just visit a Road Ready centre at either Watson or Philip. Don’t forget to take evidence of identity and residence.

If you pass your learner licence will be issued to you on the spot when you successfully complete the required tests and pay the licence fee.

Once you've received your learner licence you are now permitted to drive a car under supervision. Your supervisor must be someone with a full Australian driver's licence. You must adhere to the special rules for learner drivers.

Special rules for learner drivers

  • Must clearly display L plates on front and rear of vehicle
  • Must be supervised at all times by a person with a full Australian driver's licence
  • Must not exceed a blood alcohol level of 0.00%
  • Cannot tow more than 750kg GVM
  • Must obey speed limits

For more information please visit Road Transport Authority.