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Thanks for yours and Michael's great service for my father in law NSW Senior Assessment. He's back on the road, and his self confidence is back.

You were very thorough and responsive in your delivery of service, and Michael had a great client approach.
Posted By: Phil
Just passing on my gratitude and appreciation for all of you at Pinnacle Driving, especially Glen - Very patient, amiable and clear in every aspect of his instruction. He is an incredibly friendly instructor who offers constructive, supportive criticism (bonus parking diagrams!), with lots of positive reinforcement. He makes you feel very comfortable in the driver's seat, is calm, and wonderfully funny. You end every lesson with a want to practice and better your skills.

Also a big thanks to the admin staff, who are very cheerful and ever-ready to assist with any questions or scheduling woes; they are absolutely lovely!

Thank you Glen and Pinnacle Driving School!
Posted By: Adrienne
I am delighted to inform that today, I got my ACT full driving licenses. Thank you very much for all the arrangements and prompt replies too. It was a good decisions to learn and gain confidence with accredited instructors through Pinnacle Driving school prior to get full licenses in Australia.

I specifically thanks to Geoff for correcting my driving habits and Michael for giving me sheer confidence to drive in a foreign country.
Posted By: Chaminda
Hi Pinnacle,

This mail is to highly appreciate our driving instructor Alex. My wife and I have been taking the Log Book classes with Alex. I have completed my lessons and assessments and I also have got the full license recently. Alex was extremely professional in his approach. He is never late and never missed any classes. His friendly nature and kind approach made every class enjoyable and reduced the stress by a very great deal. As a teacher he was very efficient and made sure I learnt all the competencies thoroughly. His methods of teaching were very effective and it would make my driving experience at ACT to be safe and enjoyable. My wife who is pregnant now never felt stressed or scared to get in the car and drive with Alex. I am very happy that we took the classes with him. He will always be our favorite instructor and we are also recommending Pinnacle and Alex to all our friends.

Last but not least , thanks to the staff at Pinnacle - Natalee and Alex. They made sure we felt welcomed every time we called. The class schedule messages always reached in time and the payment process was smooth.

Thanks Pinnacle and Thanks Alex.
Posted By: Arvind and Preethi
I would have to say you are a fantastic teacher. You made me feel comfortable in the driver’s seat without sacrificing any professionalism. I can confidently say that I would not be anything like the driver I am today without your help and have strongly recommended doing lessons rather than the one of test because of the experience I gained under your wing.
Posted By: Amery
I had Michael who was terrific in easing my fears in my first lesson and used my mental processes for sport to apply to driving and this allowed me to see it as a challenge rather than something I feared. He was honest about my progress while being supportive which let me know how I was progressing and what I needed to go away and work on. I cannot thank him enough as I now work in Queanbeyan go to the gym in Woden while living in Belconnen. Life is eaiser! haha thank you
Posted By: May
It has taken me a very long time to commit to getting my license after not being behind the wheel for 14 years. When I met Michael he instantly made me feel relaxed however he could see how important it was to me to pass my test. The one thing I really liked about Michael was he pushed me more than any other driving instructor whilst being careful not to put any pressure on me. He also had a plan B, should things not go my way.

I am delighted to say after 5 years in Australia I have passed my test, thanks to Michael and of course the lovely Lisa who co-ordinated all my lessons as I had a very busy schedule. I highly recommend Pinnacle Driving School, to young and old students.

Posted By: Orlagh
I just drove myself to work for the first time after having my L's for 8 years! It's something I never would have believed I could do and I have Michael to thank. Michael took me from a nervous and hesitant driver to a confident one in just a few months. This morning while driving I could hear Michael's calm voice in my head and I know that my lessons with him have set me up to do be the best and safest driver I can be. He is especially good at knowing when you're ready to face new challenges and instilling confidence. I recommend Michael to any driver who has been putting off learning for ages like me. From the first day with Michael you know you will get there... the dread about learning to drive disappeared instantly. I can't recommend him highly enough.
Posted By: Kate
"Just wanted to say a big thank you to Michael. I had been on my Learner's licence for many, many years and was very nervous about the prospect of driving, but after spending some time with him I don't know why I put it off so long."

"Learning with Michael was a wonderfully positive experience. He always had practical, easy to remember ways of explaining how to approach different driving situations and manoeuvres and if I did make a mistake, he always calmly explained what went wrong and how I could do better next time."

"After my lessons, I now feel really well equipped to begin my driving life. On top of this, it was also really easy to book lessons and the office staff were always very friendly and helpful, so thank you once again."

All the best,
Posted By: Nicole

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