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Experienced Accredited Driving Instructors

We attribute Pinnacle’s success to our top notch driving instructors who ensure complete customer satisfaction, each and every time. We understand how important it is to have a friendly and experienced driving instructor to introduce you to such a stressful activity and because we have made sure that every member of our team is dedicated to your success we have grown to be one of the most important driving schools in the ACT area.

Meet the people who will help you become an expert driver and make you love driving. Every Pinnacle driving instructor is highly qualified and patient and they can quickly determine the best approach to ensure that their students are not only learning to become expert drivers but they are also doing it in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

Our Instructors

  • Geoff Marsh
  • Glen Dickie
  • Tasanee Thorne
  • Alex Hakim
  • Yasir Khan
  • Aamir Akram
  • Ali Muhammad
  • Zulqarnain Anwar
  • Ayaz Imam
  • Geoff Marsh

    Geoff Marsh

    Completes manual driving lessons in his Kia Cerato and holds an ACT accreditation since 2010.

    Geoff has had over 11 year's experience as a Driving Instructor. Geoff provides structured lessons that adapts to your needs. Geoff ensures you become a confident and safe driver, while feeling comfortable and relaxed behind the wheel of a car at all times.

    Geoff completes lessons Monday to Friday

  • Glen Dickie

    Glen Dickie

    Completes manual driving lessons and holds an ACT accreditation since 2013.

    • Manual Lessons are completed in Mazda 2

    Glen has over 25 year's driving experience, this includes both heavy vehicle and machinery. Glen delivers a lesson full of professionalism and friendly service towards learners. He takes pride in ensuring that his students are well equiped and safe before gaining their driver’s licence and become fully independent.

    Glen completes lessons Monday through to Friday.

  • Tasanee Thorne

    Tasanee Thorne

    Completes auto driving lessons in her 2020 Corolla Hybrid and holds an ACT accreditation. Tasanee has been a driving instructor since 2010, but has over 20 year's experience in driving.

    Tasanee is an instructor with plenty of patience and brings a very positive attitude to each driving lesson. Tasanee believes learning good road craft is just as important as the road rules and ability to control your vehicle.

    Tasanee completes lessons Tuesday through to Saturday within Belconnen, Inner North, City and Gungahlin area.

  • Alex Hakim

    Alex Hakim

    Completes auto driving lessons in a Toyota Yaris and has held his ACT accreditation since 2013.

    As well as his Driving Instructor experience, Alex has 15 years’ experience in teaching Dari and Pashto in Rostov, Russia, Hamburg Germany and CIT Bruce. These specialist skills in communicating and educating to the students have not only appealed to our college students, but also our migrant learners, allowing as adapting to their learning needs.

    Alex completes lessons Tuesday through to Saturday

  • Yasir Khan

    Yasir Khan

    Completes auto driving lessons in his 2018 Toyota Prius and holds an ACT accreditation. Yasir has been a driving instructor since 2014.

    Along with being a driving instructor, Yasir has a Bachelor of Commerce but has found a passion in teaching others. He demonstrates great communitcation skills, is very passionate and hard working. His hobbies includes current affairs, sports, cricket in particular and has a love for cooking. Yasir is fluent in Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi & Hindko.

    Yasir completes lessons Monday to Thursday And Saturday

  • Aamir Akram

    Aamir Akram

    Completes auto driving lessons and holds an ACT accreditation and is Key2drive instructor.

    • Aamir has a 2018 Kio Rio

    Aamir prides himself in providing high quality driving tuition, coaching safer drivers who are confident in their own ability and courteous to other road users. He is committed to equipping all students with the skills and good driving habits that will last a lifetime. Aamir promotes a calm and safe learning environment through his patient, friendly and knowledgeable personality. Whatever the level of expertise, Aamir will provide tailored lessons to suit your individual needs. Aamir is fluent in English, Urdu & Punjabi

    Aamir completes lesson Monday to Thursday

  • Ali Muhammad

    Ali Muhammad

    ALi completes auto driving lessons in his Kia Rio and holds an ACT accreditation.

    Ali has over 17 year's driving experience and delivers a lesson full of professionalism and friendly service towards learners. Ali takes pride in teaching driving lessons hence road safety a priority so you can be assured you are learning from the best. He also has a calm and cool personality and when not on the road works as a project coordinator.

    Ali completes lessons Saturday morning and Sundays.

  • Zulqarnain Anwar

    Zulqarnain Anwar

    Anwar completes auto driving lessons in his 2016 Toyota Corolla. Anwar holds both ACT & NSW accreditation and is a key2drive instructor.

    Anwar completes driving lessons Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturdays.

    Languages spoken are English, Hindi, Punjab & Urdu

  • Ayaz Imam

    Ayaz Imam

    Ayaz has been doing driving instruction for the last 4 years. He strongly believes that individuals have different learning abilities and capabilities and there is no standard way of teaching. Rather, teaching should take place addressing the individual’s need and requirements.

    Ayaz is a University of Canberra graduate and has also done tutoring in the past. He finds driving instruction very satisfying as he believes it is a lifelong skill and the good driving habits that we instil in learners today can keep them safe out there.

    Ayaz completes lessons in Toyota Yaris working Wednesdays to Saturdays in Gungahlin, Belconnen, City, Inner North and Woden region. Ayaz can speak English, Urdu and Hindi.