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  • Save on Driving Lesson


    Save on Driving Lesson
    Try your first hour for $80.00. If that isn’t enough to convince you check out our prepaid packages and deals.
  • Personalised Driving Lessons


    Personalised Driving Lessons
    Pinnacle’s certified, experienced driving instructors teach all our clients how to be a safe and responsible driver!
  • Competency Log Book Assessment


    Competency Log Book Assessment
    A step-by-step assessment of everything you need to get your licence without ever having to sit a driving test. Our instructor will teach you, and assess your progress as you go.
  • Become a Safe and Confident Driver!

    Safer Driving

    Become a Safe and Confident Driver!
    Enjoy a comfortable learning environment with friendly instructors so you can enjoy your driving experience and become a confident driver.

  • Canberra's Finest Driving Lessons

    Learn to drive with experienced, friendly instructors

    Achieve your driving goals. Whether it’s getting your licence through ACT’s logbook program, passing the Government test, or just gaining confidence on the road, our fully qualified instructors are ready to help.

    Stay safe, gain confidence

    With Pinnacle Driving School, you’ll do more than just pass a test. We train lifelong safe and confident drivers. You learn everything you need to know, from road rules to driving responsibly at night and in the rain.

    Learn your way

    Every lesson is catered for you, from Canberra to Queanbeyan, to instructors who drive out to pick you up. You can choose a male or female driver, and learn on a manual or automatic. We adapt to your learning style, so you come away with easy-to-remember steps for even the tightest reverse parallel park.

  • Canberra's Finest Driving Lessons