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Changes to NSW Learner & Provisional Licence

From 20 November 2017, new rules will take effect in relation to NSW learner and provisional one and two drivers. The following rules will be enforced:

NSW Learner drivers will have to pass a Hazard Perception test before progressing to their provisional one licence;


Provisional one drivers will no longer have to pass the Hazard Perception test to progress to Provisional two licence. However, you must pass the Hazard Perception Test before you are issued with your provisional one licence, and must hold your provisional one licence for at least 12 months, then you can apply for your provisional two licence without taking a test;


Provisional two drivers will no longer need to pass the Driver Qualification Test to progress to an unrestricted licence; and 

Each time a Provisional two driver receives a suspended driver’s licence they will gain a six months increase (each time) which means, they will remain on their Provisional 2 licence. 


Please note: the above rules will ONLY apply to individuals who receive their learner licence AFTER 20 November 2017. If you have obtained your licence prior to this date, the current driver scheme will remain effective. 


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