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Changes to NSW Learner & Provisional Licence

From 20 November 2017, new rules will take effect in relation to NSW learner and provisional one and two drivers. The following rules will be enforced:

NSW Learner drivers will have to pass a Hazard Perception test before progressing to their provisional one licence;


Provisional one drivers will no longer have to pass the Hazard Perception test to progress to Provisional two licence. However, you must pass the Hazard Perception Test before you are issued with your provisional one licence, and must hold your provisional one licence for at least 12 months, then you can apply for your provisional two licence without taking a test;


Provisional two drivers will no longer need to pass the Driver Qualification Test to progress to an unrestricted licence; and 

Each time a Provisional two driver receives a suspended driver’s licence they will gain a six months increase (each time) which means, they will remain on their Provisional 2 licence. 


Please note: the above rules will ONLY apply to individuals who receive their learner licence AFTER 20 November 2017. If you have obtained your licence prior to this date, the current driver scheme will remain effective. 


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NSW laws have changed....when is the right time to call the police after an accident??

Did you know the NSW road rules have changed!!!
blog photo - car crash

Police will only be required to attend and investigate crashes if they meet one or more of three criteria:

1. Where a person is killed or injured;
2. Parties fail to exchange particulars;
3. A driver appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

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ACT Police targeting seatbelt offences in September

Drivers and passengers are being warned to buckle up or face the consequences as ACT Police target seatbelt offences in September.

The fine for a driver or passenger not having a seat belt properly fastened is $353 and three demerit points, but drivers can also be fined for each individual person travelling in their car without a seatbelt.

Last year, 705 motoristswere issued a traffic infringement notice or formal caution for driving without a seatbelt or having a passenger not secured by a seatbelt.

"While most Canberrans buckle up, some continue to drive improperly restrained, with passengers not wearing seatbelts or with children on board not wearing seatbelts," ACT Police traffic operations Sergeant Rod Anderson said.

"Whether you're a parent dropping the kids to school or a tradie just ducking down to the shops with some mates, it is an offence to permit passengers of any age to travel in your car without seatbelts."

During 2013, 19 drivers were issued infringement notices for having children under 16 in their car unrestrained or improperly restrained.

So far this year, 11 drivers have been issued infringement notices for the same offences.

"Seatbelts are a proven safety feature and there's no excuse for not wearing one," Sergeant Anderson said.

"A properly adjusted seatbelt or child restraint greatly reduces the chances of being killed or seriously injured in a collision."

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